In Chinese tradition the number 18, normally "shí bā"  means that one is going to prosper.

Thus, building floors numbered "18" are often very expensive in China.

Number 18 is however not expensive (just take a look at other four to six bed housing in TW10)


Number 18 is also a famous painting by the artist  Jackson Pollock 

Pollock's best known works are created by the 'drip and splash' style pioneered by Surrealists like Andre Masson and Max Ernst, and employed by artists such as Hans Hofmann in his paintings of the early Forties. However, Pollock's approach was quite different to the rest. He fixed his canvas to the floor or wall and, holding the brush or stick a foot or so away, threw lines of paint towards it, allowing chance to direct the evolution of a painting. He then manipulated the paint with an assortment of instruments, sometimes achieving textured effects using elements such as sand or broken glass.

Fortunately this was NOT the approach taken by our recent decorators!! The house price includes a Pollock print "number 18".


The house was built in 1940.

There was a bomb shelter (originally under where the pond is now).

Our first visit to the house was in 1967 when I was invited to tea there when it was owned by the Wadsworth family.

They sold it to the Leylands in approximately 1970 who built a big six foot plus wall around what had been a very exposed "corner"garden (and which is now very secluded indeed due to mature shrubs and the wall)

Our family bought it around 1974 ( I will avoid the price as it makes everyone groan!)

The house now has a minimalist style throughout following a major refurbishment in the early years of this century.

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